Friends’ Association Kalighat was founded by a group of social enthusiasts to contribute towards social welfare and help the underprivileged people with the right resources and opportunities. To fulfill the dream of uplifting the downtrodden, the members of this organization are working with continuous effort. Though the organisation has got no chairperson after the death of Mr. Dilip Majumdar, it is actively managed by Mr. Dibyendu Majumdar, the Secretary-General at Friends’ Association Kalighat, with the other members of the management.

The Key members of the management:

  • Mr.Dipankar Basu- Hon’ble President
  • Mr.Dibyendu Majumdar-Gen.Secretary
  • Mrs.Sangita Majumdar-Gen.Secretary Women Cell
  • Mr.Biswanath Maity-Secretary
  • Mr.Sanjay Banerjee-Treasurer
  • Mr. Nayan Ranjan Chakraborty-Accountant
  • Mr. Debsurya Ghosh-Social Media Convener