Dibyendu Majumdar is popularly known as Rajaa Majumdar a youth development enthusiast, social activist, humanitarian and social reformer. Late Dilip Majumdar, father of Dibyendu Majumdar, was the one and only chairman of this Organisation and after he had passed away, the position was left vacant to show respect to his father. He helped his father in every possible way to make the organisation successful. In 2002, the organization got recognized for the social and development work like organizing different programs to raise the awareness about different social issues including the Polio Eradication Programs, Blood Donation Revolution, Malaria Prevention Camp, AIDS Prevention Programmes, upliftment of street children, development of local area and distribution of books to the poor meritorious students. Apart from these the organisation distributes blankets in winter, organizes health checkup camp in the locality, financial support to other social organisations, distributes books and copies to the under privileged students throw-out the year, provides financial support to the poor people for medical purpose, runs Ambulance service for the local people, provides Waste-bin in the surrondings, runs Hearse Van service. The organisation is also planning to launch Golf-car services for the Senior Citizen and Handicapped devotees who come to the Kali Temple for worship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the foundation that brings social change with social development and integration of underprivileged people and communities in Kalighat and surrounding area.

Our Inspiration

Late Dilip Majumdar 1942-2008, Neo-constructivist of New Kalighat,  Former Councilor & former chairman of KMC

Awards & Achievements

Received Leadership Award  from Council Of Information & Broadcasting India & Bio-Chemic Education Grant Commission,Govt.Of India  in the year 2015.


Received The Legend Mahashweta Devi Memorial Award  from All India Human Rights Councel  in the year 2017.

Some of the social causes we actively participate in:

For the Senior Citizen and thePhysically challenged devotees who come to the Kali Temple for worship, we have organised golf cart services so that they can reach the Kalighat temple without facing any difficulty. We do it all at absolutely free of cost.

We actively participate in donating blood. It does not matter where you live in West Bengal, if you need blood, contact us today. Our members will reach there at your destination to donate blood.

If you are from outside of Kolkata and want to visit Kalighat, we can help you in this without charging a penny. Get in touch with us today to visit this religious place and get the peace of mind.

Apart from being a part of the Friends’ Association Kalighat, we are also working actively with other International NGOs like ‘Diksha’, ‘IFSD’, Rotary International, Lions Clubs International and social welfare and cultural organizations.

We believe, education disappears the darkness of illiteracy. We distribute notebooks to the needy students throughout the year so that they can continue their education.

Your donations and good wishes help us to do something better for our society. Our dream is to develop Kalighat and the surrounding areas and make it one of the most prominent international tourist spots in our state.

Come and stretch your helping hands because, without your help, it won’t be possible to make our dream come true. With your small financial help, we can make a big change in the society.