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Friends Association Kalighat

We believe nothing can be better than helping the helpless and restoring hope to the hopeless through charity!

Friends’ Association Kalighat (FAK) is a unique innovation by Dibyendu Majumdar, alias Rajaa Majumdar, a well-known social activist and reformer. He established this Socio-Cultural-Welfare Organisation in 1998 with a simple aim to uplift the downtrodden in the area and promote the social, cultural and sporting activities and make charities through different activities. The members of this organisation are striving hard to fulfil their responsibility towards the society with social causes.

The organisation is also registered under Govt. of West Bengal and the Regn. No. is S/89845.

About Us

Friends Association Kalighat a social-welfare cultural organisation was established in 1998 with the prime objective of social welfare and upliftment of the downtrodden of our area and promoting cultural and sporting activities throughout the year.A brainchild of Dibyendu Majumdar. Duing the initial years between 1998 to 2002 the programs were self supported with assistance from our members. In 2002 we got support from MLA Local Area


Our Inspiration Late Dilip Majumdar 1942-2008 Neo-constructivist of Kalighat Former Councilor & former chairman of KMC

Serving as the interface between the common man and the underprivileged sections of the society our mission is towards the upliftment of the poor and supporting their lives in terms of education, health, or any other financial aid. You can just get

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